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rag & bone at NM Northpark

Regina Campbell

October 31, 2013


No other brand captures the spirit of the New York’s Downtown-meets-Williamsburg girl as effortlessly as rag & bone. Established by designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, rag & bone has its roots in British menswear tailoring, but has flourished in New York City with their cool contemporary collection and an array of staple jeans, tailored coats and the über-coveted ankle booties. As the brand continues to charm urban girls across the globe, we are happy to celebrate the opening of rag & bone’s shop within the CUSP department at NM Northpark. The revamped rag & bone area includes “only at NM” items, as well as a great selection of denim styles and effortlessly sophisticated ready-to-wear. We sat down with David Neville for a few minutes during a British Invasion-themed fest at Northpark. Here’s what he had to say!


NM: How do you blend the New York elements of your brand into your British roots?

DN: I think, that, inherently, one of the biggest parts of our company is the journey that Marcus and I have had. The fact that we are English and we live in New York City. The marriage of those two things really governs the aesthetic of the brand. In terms of how it parlays into the clothes, you see the British references in the tailoring, some of our clothes are quite classic, but at the same time they have this kind of disheveled aspect to them. They are about a cool girl, walking the streets downtown in NYC, Soho, Lower East Side, Williamsburg. It’s that attitude.

NM: When you mention the tailoring references of rag & bone, which you call “borrowed from the boys,” do you think there’s a specific piece that really sets the look?

DN: We have a lot of it, because we’ve been doing it for a long time. When we first started, we designed only menswear, and so, when we started women’s wear a lot of the references for the women’s clothes came for the men’s wardrobe. You can see it in a lot of different items like the tailored blazers and some of the easy track pants that we’ve got at the moment. We challenged ourselves with this idea of hard and soft, high and low. If its too boyish it doesn’t work and it needs to be soften and more feminine. That’s really an intrinsic part of the design process.

David Neville
David Neville

NM: What does modern style mean to you?

DN: People’s idea of what is aspirational has changed. Since 2008, the idea of the overly opulent doesn’t seem so relevant anymore. And I think that’s something the we tapped into quite well, because our clothes are more about the integrity of where they’re made, they choice of the fabrics and the fit, no logo. It’s a modern mind-set – you’re wearing nice clothes, not necessarily shouting about it, but you still care about they way that you look.

NM: We have seen your collection grow a lot, from shoes and now to handbags. Can you tell us a bit of the process of creating these?

DN: It’s been very interesting. I think that every time we have gone into a new category, it’s very important that we really stand for something and that really represents the brand. When we did women’s shoes we took our time and then we really narrowed it down, and we’ve done extremely well with those little booties. They are rag & bone and you recognize them. So, it was the same process with the bags. We launched the Pilot bag, which references an old army bag where pilots put their helmets in. It’s beautifully made and it’s very rag & bone.


NM: What are your favorite rag & bone denim styles this season?

DN: We have an exclusive new silhouette for fall called the Pajama Jean, and they are actually made of leather, but following the idea of the easy track pants. As far as classic denim, we love the classic Bomber Leather-Piped Jeans, which are very flattering skinny leggings with a leather crease on the side and behind the knees!

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