Stella McCartney at NM NorthPark - Neiman Marcus
Stella Northpark

Stella McCartney at NM NorthPark

Nicole Jordan

April 29, 2016


Stella McCartney loves Dallas. And my, does Dallas love Stella. To celebrate Dallas Arts Week, the designer stopped by NM NorthPark, her first visit to the store in almost a decade. For the momentous occasion, Jessica Nowitski, art connoisseur and wife to Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitski, hosted an intimate luncheon with the designer at an in-store pop-up museum, aptly named The Stella Museum of Art.

Jessica Nowitzki and Stella McCartney
Stella Northpark

Stella Northpark

In true Stella fashion, a floral garden flooded the table, which was surrounded by photographs of the Pre-Fall 2016 presentation. Front and center, a giant piece of original graffiti art by North Texas artist Carlos Nicholls proclaiming the designer’s love for Dallas—and kittens, a motif that runs throughout her latest collection. “You can’t go wrong with kittens and puppies, can you?” McCartney asks with a smile. She says the theme started off “in a humorous place,” but grew into something more. “We did all the illustrations ourselves, in the studio. It became almost like an art project, actually, to capture the spirit of the feline family. It was just like any way you can find to translate a cat into fashion.”

NM Fashion Director and SVP Ken Downing and Stella McCartney
Ken + Stella Northpark

Among the event’s most Instagramable moments: confections (almost) too pretty to eat. A golden cake modeled after the Elyse Star Shoe decorated the Stella McCartney boutique, and mini Falabella cakes—vegan, of course—finished the meal.

Stella Northpark

Stella Northpark

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