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TCS Closets™ by The Container Store

Courtney Maldonado

December 5, 2016


Neiman Marcus is all about fashion. And when it comes to fashion, organizational skills sure do come in handy. Organizing any closet can be a challenge, but we believe selecting your looks for the day should not be anything short of joyous. It should make you happy. It should make you proud of your individual style. It should be inspired.

Admittedly, our Social Media Fashion Closet did not reflect this wise advice. We specialize in fashion, not closets. Our space needed an update ASAP—and not just a facelift. It needed to be functional with easy access to everything we store, like shoes, jewelry, handbags, fragrances, dresses—you name it. We needed to have an instant visual of all our options and be inspired for posting new must-haves or for pulling together product shoots. But how?

hangers hangers-2

Our fabulous friends at The Container Store came to our rescue by sharing their supreme organizational skills and designing the closet of our dreams. We wanted something to liven up the room and make it feel bright and happy.


How could you not be after seeing your beautiful walk-in closet, right? We chose a stark white/neutral color palette and added acrylic handles, keeping the space bright and modern.



The best thing about our closet? The shelves. We added the adjustable shelving feature, making it easy to rearrange and perfectly fit certain items like taller boots and flats.



With the adjustable shelves, we were even able to find room to display a few of our favorite things, adding a homey vibe to the space.


We love the island in the middle of our closet. It’s conveniently equipped with deep, spacious drawers on one side and wide-open shelves on the other. Using the drawers for smaller items, such as yoga and athletic wear, makes space for our essentials.


The shelves clearly display our denim and chunky sweaters, which always take up too much room in a drawer. The island also allows us to add some personal decorative items.



Can we talk about Soft-Close drawers? What a great touch! Adding this subtle feature gives such an elevated, luxurious feel to any drawer.

We love jewelry—even more so when we can see everything perfectly laid out. In addition to having organized jewelry (which is a feat within itself), the Velvet Accessory Tray helps prevent tangles or metals rubbing together—what more could we ask for?


up-close-jewelry-2 up-close-jewelry

Since we sometimes style an outfit around a handbag and accessories, having them on display gives us so much inspiration. The Extendable Valet Rod not only helps us put the look together, it also showcases of-the-moment handbags by hanging them in full view.


Now our fabulous items have an equally fabulous new home. The Container Store and their custom TCS Closets™ collection really outdid themselves by going above and beyond our expectations. Does your closet need some organizing love? Check out how the experts at The Container Store can help you.


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