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The His & Hers Gifts

Regina Campbell

November 20, 2014


If there is something that makes Neiman Marcus iconic and unique, it would have to be The Christmas Book with the always fabulous His & Hers fantasy gifts. In the spirit of the holidays and Throwback Thursday, we thought it would be fun to remember some of our favorite His & Hers gifts from 1960 to today – celebrating dreams and fantasies with a lot of wit, boldness and style. Enjoy!

1960 His & Hers Beechcraft Planes


Since 1926 NM has elevated the art of holiday gifting, but in 1960 Stanley Marcus wanted to offer ideas that would grab the attention of NM customers and also that of the national – and international – press. That’s when NM executive David Hughes came up with the idea of the His & Hers planes, and the rest is history. The His & Hers Beechcraft airplanes made our catalog, and one Hers plane was sold to a rancher in Texas, who wrote: “I already have a plane, but if you will break the pair, I’d like one for the little woman, who has been hankering for a plane of her own.” The plane was delivered to West Texas with the name “Mamie Belle” painted on its nose.

1966 His & Hers Bathtub


Inspired by his readings of the Louis XIV period (when France’s Sun King bathed side by side with his queen), Stanley Marcus decided to take comfort to a new level and had a marble double bathtub created by Crane and Company. The gift was highly publicized and created quite a stir in France, as it was claimed that NM couldn’t take authorship for the idea. Thankfully, the dispute was settled, and Mr. Marcus carried on with his annual buying trip to Paris without further ado.

1967 His & Hers Camels


After reading an article about camels on an Air France magazine, Stanley Marcus thought it would be humorous to offer His & Hers camels in the Christmas catalog. No one at NM shared his enthusiasm, until about a month before Christmas when a client approached the Fort Worth store to buy the lady camel. Needless to say, the gift’s delivery received a great deal of news coverage after it disembarked from an American Airlines freighter at 10pm on Christmas Eve and arrived in Fort Worth on Christmas morning.

1971 His & Hers Mummy Cases


These were not imitation pieces, but actual 2,000-year-old mummy cases. Certainly a unique gift, they were shipped from a collector in London to the newly opened Bal Harbour store in 1971. To everyone’s surprise, one case contained an actual mummy, which forced NM to expedite a death certificate and present it to the authorities. The mummy cases made front-page news, and both sold. Fun fact: You can actually see them today at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California.

2001 His & Hers Knicks or Rockettes Experience


A chance to be a Knicks basketball player for a day turned out to be quite popular among young NYC-based boys, while the Rockettes experience was sold to a gentleman who surprised his wife during a NYC trip and watched from the front row as she performed at Radio City Music Hall.

2014 His & Hers Vilebrequin Quadski

His & Hers Vilebrequin Quadskis

These amphibious vehicles transform from four-wheeler to personal water cruiser in less than five seconds. Worthy fantasy gifts for those couples in search of adventure in style, the Quadskis are adorned by Vilebrequin prints – purple for him and yellow for her. These His & Hers vehicles are still available to gift this Christmas. Shop them right here.

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