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Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies

Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies

Neiman Marcus

May 12, 2014


If there’s a girly girl we love to follow, it’s Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies. She loves the color pink as much as we do this season and is no stranger to the effect of a Valentino “Rockstud” pump or a pop of color, especially if it’s a pink lip or a bright handbag. We love her beauty tutorials and her outdoor shoots – yes, she poses in the middle of snow-white Salt Lake City for modern winter-wonderland photos. Here are a few of her blogging secrets, including one amazing iPhone app that has changed our lives, too!

Rach Parcell.
Rach Parcell.

RP: Salt Lake City

NM: What’s your favorite place to hang out in your city?
RP: Downtown at City Creek

NM: What’s has been your favorite place to photograph street-style for your blog lately?
RP: Anywhere with color! Whether that’s a colorful wall or a location with a lot of flowers and trees.

NM: A designer that your just recently started wearing and loved?
RP: T by Alexander Wang. Amazing pieces that are totally wearable and comfortable.

NM: What’s on your sartorial radar for summer?
RP: From what I saw on the runways, orange is the new black this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m on the hunt for the perfect orange dress.

Rach Parcell.
Rach Parcell.

NM: What’s your favorite filter on Instagram?
RP: I actually create all of my own custom filters on VSCO cam! Download it! It will change your life 😉

NM: Top 5 Instagram accounts to follow?
RP: @Paris in Four Months, @Chateaugudanes, @LenaPerminova, @Zhanna_Bianca and @Lucylaucht

NM: What’s the latest app that you downloaded?
RP: Instagram, actually. Mine wouldn’t open so I had to delete and re-download 😉

NM: Tell us about the latest tech gadget/accessory that you purchased?
RP: Not that exciting, but I just purchased an iPhone charger that has a super long cord. The standard one is too short and makes it hard to look at my phone while I’m lying in bed. The longer cord totally fixed that problem!

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