We’ve never met a girl without several items on her fashion wish list, and we can all agree one of them is a bigger closet! When we found out Theresa Roemer was renovating her closet at her Houston-area home, we had to take a look inside. This entrepreneur, Mrs. Texas United America 2010, and fundraising gal loves to host champagne parties for charitable causes in her 3,000-square-foot closet. “There’s no reason for me to have this amazing, gorgeous closet if I can’t do fundraisers in it, too, right?” says Roemer. A few weeks ago we sat down with Roemer to talk about clothes, handbags and shoes.

Theresa Roemer

Second floor

NM: How long does it take you to get ready every morning?
TR: It takes me about 45 minutes to get ready at any given time.

NM: What was the idea behind your closet?
TR: My closet is my dressing room, but more importantly, it’s my retreat. I like to call it my “female man-cave.”

Theresa Roemer

Theresa Roemer

NM: Walk us through this amazing space.
TR: I planned it the way I dress. With it being a three-story space, I have my furs and hats on the third floor, and my shoes, clothes and vanity on the second floor (which is also where I get my hair and makeup done, where the champagne bar is and where I ultimately think about the look I’m going for. And finally, the first floor is where I keep my jewelry and my handbags; those are the last pieces I put on to finalize any outfit.

Theresa Roemer


NM: Do you have particular favorites in your closet?
TR: I have to say, my favorite designer handbags are Hermes. I have over 60 Birkins, even though I love Chanel, Fendi and Dior bags. As far as shoes, it always comes down to Christian Louboutin; I can’t get enough of them! I actually have a pair on right now.

Hermès Birkin handbags

Hermès Birkin handbags

NM: What about flat shoes?
TR: The only time you catch me in a flat is in my running shoes when I’m exercising. In the summertime, it’s always cute to put on a summer dress with a pair of flat Tory Burch shoes, but I’m a high-heels girl.


NM: What was your last purchase at NM?
TF: It was a red Tom Ford dress with zippers all around the back.

NM: Name some of your favorite brands.
TR: Definitely Hermes; it’s timeless. And I love Donna Karan and Tom Ford – their clothes fit perfectly.


NM: Of all your shoes, which are your favorites?
TR: I love these Louboutin peep-toes and my Miu Miu sandals, because I love the idea of wearing ‘jewels’ on my feet. You can put on a black dress and these shoes, and you are set to go. I love how I feel when I’m wearing them.

Christian Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes

NM: You have an amazing jewelry collection. Are these gifts from your husband, or do you buy your own jewelry?
TR: Oh, besides my wedding ring and special occasion pieces, I buy all of my jewelry.

NM: What is your most extravagant piece of jewelry?
TR: Antique ceremonial contract bracelets that were used for marriage ceremonies in the Indian culture. They belonged to my husband’s mother and were gifted to me by my father-in-law.


NM: Do you have a favorite scent, or do you mix fragrances?
TR: My personal fragrance would have to be Portrait of a Lady from Frederic Malle. I actually met him a while ago at a luncheon, and he sprayed the fragrance on me and said, “This is your perfume.” So that was it!


NM: Who, besides yourself, has access to the closet?
TR: My daughter always says that she doesn’t need to go to the store; she can just shop my closet! And of course I do let a few, very special friends borrow my Birkin bags.


Photographed by Chinh Phan.

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Vangela R Lawson


As a African Women reading this i just feel in love with Mrs TR Her closet is a dream come true.Her style and taste is parallel to my dream of when i grow up Love it. She has truly set the bar for Fashionista Who knows,maybe one day I'll be interviewed,and yes I'm working on it Kisssesssss.

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Beverly Miller


Just want to go on record as a new fan of Theresa's plus I love, love, love her closet. What a brilliant idea to host fundraisers in that amazing closet! I applaud her good fortune and her right to choose her lifestyle. And, I recognize and appreciate that we live in a country where it is possible reach such levels of success and to comment on this blog with positive or negative comments. In conclusion, Theresa, I wish you all the best throughout your life. To the commentators, I enjoyed reading all your posts. Freedom is a wonderful thing. God bless America!

Natalia Markova


What a perfect example of predatory capitalism at work. No wonder this is such a violent society. From what I hear, this woman is all show and no go and she gets all her cash from her husband. And people idolize this crap and talk about what a "wonderful person" she is. She got robbed? Boo hoo hoo. She has been robbing society of all the good that her money could be doing. She is the epitome of the republican of "I've got mine, screw you" manifesto.



Want to know why so many haters..... Because women are jeleous, so damn envious, if your too pretty, too rich, your a target. They wish it were their closet!

mary stuart


OMG- PLEASE! Check this woman out on the internet! I live in The woodlands too and this woman has 'done' exactly ONE 'charity' event here! She raised a whopping $50,000. Wow, I've got a news flash! We raised THAT much at our elementary school auction 20 years ago! What a slap in the face for the many good people out here who have worked hard for local charities for decades but none seek this type of publicity. She is a fake in every way. This is the most contrived story I've ever seen!!! Google this woman....she has been building all of this up to have a reality show that includes her estranged step-son who is making claims that he is being coerced into signing on w/an entertainment biz to appear on this reality show. OMG-I only have to think that NM is in on this scheme as NO ONE has this much 'stuff'!! Nice blog!!



This is a Neiman Marcus blog, which is supposed to over the top and eccentric. Why are you all leaving such negative and hateful comments about a luxury closet? Isn't that what Neiman Marcus really is, a luxury closet you can shop? How hypocritical some of you are.



I believe Theresa is a wonderful person. I do hope the thieves are caught and the family's belongings retrieved. The odyssey through her closet was wonderful. Thank you Neiman Marcus. Theresa is not the only fortunate lady with such an immense and impressive closet. Great presentation.




phillip pierce


I feel very bad that they were robbed. What a huge violation. As far as others slamming her for the amount of Birkins and shoes she has-shut the **** up. It's her money and she can do with it as she sees fit, its not like she asked the government for hand outs.



Here Theresa, donate this DOLLAR hahaha!! Now that's funny, when you could easily donate a THOUSAND dollars a negative comment but you choose a $1. Just goes to show that you are a show off as people have said and you only do charitable work to impress your community. How about for every LV you own you donate $500? Is that asking too much?



For the people posting negative comments - what the hell are you doing reading a Neiman's blog in the first place? LOL

Deborah Wright


I think it's awesome to have a closet to represent you. Mrs. Roemer worked for it and has a right to showcase her earnings. It's called the "American Dream". Stop being haters and become achievers of the American Dream!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas Native


Theresa, you are giving Texas a bad name! Please GO BACK TO NEBRASKA!



No one has the right to take what doesn't belong to them and everyone has the right to spend their money how they won't to.stop hating on her it takes more than one person to save the world.

Love Smiles


Yes, she just got robbed. Now you see a video of her crying abut all the wealth she lost. Oh Well Honey, next time, don't put your wealth on display for the whole world to covet. and you won't have someone come and rip you off. me? I close she blinds.



She just got robbed nearly a million dollars worth. Its not right I really feel for her.

Tommie Kennedy


How many people are on staff to keep the dusting done?



@John, i could not agree more. Not impressed with this woman or her closet.



Theresa, just $1? And there are not that many negative posts out here...



Neiman Marcus, Why would you publish something like this? It's a nice closet, but Mrs. Roemer appears to be a show off. You don't need a 3 story closet to donate to charitable organizations. I like your blog, but articles like this rub me the wrong way.



In honoring what I believe personally, any current and future negative posts will result in a $1 donation to Child Legacy International in the name of the signature of the post-er.



I would love to see what kind of car this beast drives. It has to be over the top ridiculous, with vanity plates, of course. Does anyone know? I need a good laugh!!!!!



She talks about everything in all of the articles across the web except the most important thing: the man who paid for every single bit of it all, her husband the immasculated Lamar Roemer. Selfish, gold digger proven by her actions.






@ALEX, u mad bro?



I love her style and the way she keeps her closet organized. I'm feeling inspired now!



It is irksome that people think of spending a lot as "wasting" money - where do they think it goes? There are many thousands of workers, craftsmen, designers, event planners, and clerks, not to mention investors in retail companies, all of whom i) have and make less than her, and ii) benefit from her spending decisions. Moreover, remember that it is all relative. Are you "immoral" for having a iPhone, going to a movie, or eating sushi when so many in the world have less? So if it helps, think of this as voluntary income redistribution, and be happy that you, too, get to make your own spending decisions. ps - What a freaking cool closet!



Every girl's dream? No. Most girls and women hope for food shelter and safety. That's MOST women, MOST girls in this wide world of ours. Most women could not conceive of this closet in order to wish for it. It is the smallest percentage of whorls and women that could conceive of a "normal" american closet in order to even imagine one of this scope and scale. No, in fact wasting this kind of energy, time, and expense on something this ridiculous and frivolous is not most women's/girl's dream. In a moral world, a world wherein keeping each other alive and healthy was a priority, this sort of thing would not exist. When Rem Koolhaas designed the Prada store for Broadway in NYC, he started by removing any occupiable space from the center of the property. He did so because he wanted to express Prada's aesthetic: luxury, and what could be more luxurious than waste? Nature abhors waste. People, real people who work and suffer and bleed and care for their children, abhor waste. Hyper affluence and waste have become the scourge of our society. If you are so deluded to think that this is every girl's dream, it is because you have been removed from want, you have become desensitized to human needs. Does it make what's-her-name a bad person that she has this ridiculous closet (and everything else about her circumstances that we can infer from it)? Absolutely not. No more than a petty thief who was resorted to street crime for survival is made a bad person by those choices. However, both have, to one extent or another, allowed their circumstances remove them from the reality of their fellow humans, and in that way lost touch with a more important, a more meaningful, a more REAL reality. When Hannah Arendt introduced the term "the banality of evil" some people became incensed that she could say Eichmann was a normal person a bureaucrat. It should not be surprising that people let their circumstances insulate them from an overarching reality, from each other. In so many ways, we all do this. In in this way we continue to harm each other and the systems upon which we rely for survival, all the while thinking/knowing that we could not be part of the problem.



This must be the holy grail of closets. So refreshing to hear that it's being used as a space for fundraisers, not just a space for vanity! You go Theresa!!!



GORGEOUS closet, every girl's dream!



It's amazing the length that jealous hateful people will go too, to hurt good people. I have known Theresa for 27 years, seen her as a fitness trainer help people walk again, was by her side as she buried her son, climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro as she almost lost her life fundraising for others and iam truly amazed everyday how she puts others needs before her own. What people fail to know is that all of the proceeds from her truffles, candles and clothing line all go to benefit Child Legacy International. This closet is every woman's dream and what people also don't know is that this closet was built and designed for fundraising events. I am one of the privileged women in this world to know Theresa Roemer, have gotten to experience her generosity first hand and am continually impressed with how she manages how to be an amazing business woman, wonderful wife, mother and grandmother, and still finds time to continually help others. Kudos to you Theresa for designing this closet and kudos to Neiman Marcus for sharing Theresa's closet with the world. All women deserve to have a closet like this, just like men are allowed to have their man caves.

Milan Mania


I am at Milan Fashion Week and wanted to praise Neiman Marcus for this pioneer perspective. I came on the blog for research and found these photographs of this woman's closet, so beautiful. I want to hire Chinh Phan. Suede is in, shaggy frays, fringe, button downs, you would not believe it. It's a layered look, not sure it's right for Theresa's closet, but who knows, she is pretty chic and probably more diverse than her closet portrays in just the photographs. Now it is time for a Ruby Slipper Wizard of Oz Candy Pop from Dylan's Candy Bar!

Neiman Lover!


I agree! Theresa can do what she wants with her money whenever she wants, the way she wants. If girlfriend wants to spend in her closet, on herself, what-EVER, that is her choice!! It's good to see a girl who DOES spend on herself. So many women don't, and should. You go Theresa. Tremendous closet, gorgeous beyond, and I want one - where do I put my name in for that raffle ticket?



Or, if she is so philanthropic and has donated so much of her money and time, perhaps she has earned a little fun for herself? This closet is amazing, a reflection of how amazing Theresa is!



If she is so "philanthropic" as she claims, why doesn't she donate his money to charities and starving children? Instead she blows it all on herself so she can show off.....its quite sad... over indulgence at its finest!!!!!



If Theresa is so horrible, why would a wonderful Christian man like Lamar marry her? Is he THAT stupid and naïve???? Scary...for him. I know she could not have bought the millions of dollars worth of Hermes and Louboutins (look at pics and do the math) from selling candels and truffles. Something fishy is going on here. She obviously LOVES herself and his money waaaaaaay too much. She was working at Ballys gym when they met...not making millions.



I only thought closets like this existed in my dreams.



Those Louboutins rule!

Addicted to Handbags


Oh my goodness--This closet is like a museum! Everything is so meticulously placed and I love Theresa's handbag collection, oh so much.

Lovely Lady


This closet is so beautiful and there are so many wonderful pieces inside. Theresa, thank you for opening up your closet with us and sharing the stories behind some of your favorite items.



Theresa Roemer is a modern Cinderella who has created a Paparazzi space (Edward Barsamian and Alesandra Codinha take note!) where The World of Vogue couture bleeds the crisp white space, where Alexander Wang, Christian Lacroix, Doo-Ri Chung and Isaac Mizrahi step out together with must-haves and favorite moments. All hail Theresa Roemer – and thank you!



A fabulous closet for a fabulous person!



This Closet is amazing! My friend Thom Anderson with Anderson Lawrence Design Group designed this closet for Teresa. Thom has mentioned that working with Teresa's personal style was what really inspired him to create something so unique and beautiful.
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